Here are the news about Clan. Sometimes we'll make championships and other things between clans. Also, the news and stuff are on this page. If you want to put on something here e-mail me.

Clan Meetings:



April 1st 2002 Roster, and ranks....
October 3rd 8:00 Pacific Time Talk about the clan
November 4th Monday 8:00 Pacific Time BE THERE!!! Tournament, etc...
December 10th Tuesday 8:00 Pacific Time People! I cant follow who is in clan. I have to know. Please write me an e-mail if you can't go because if u miss this meeting ur out of clan. Thank you.
January 23rd Thursday at 8:00pm Pacific time Changes in clan
March 21st Thursday at 5:00pm Pacific Time Awards, Ranks, TOURNAMENT

Our Clan joined to a big organization called the Elite Multi Players. We still have some things to talk to them though. The clan will remain the Wizard Clan, it's just makes us stronger. You can read about it later on or visit