The clan started on 02/01/02. As you all know it was dead for a while but we reborn with new people and hopefully good people. I have to make some changes in the website. If you have any good idea or suggestion about the page please let me know. A little direction for the links.

Member Roaster, well obviously there are the members of clan. If you get in clan I will put you on there.

There are some Rules of Clan. Not too many, but you should keep those in mind.

If you are good you get higher and higher on the Rank list. But you have to show that you are good by getting awards. Different Awards can be found in the Award List section.

If something interesting happening in The Clan you will know about it.

There are some people who we don't like, because they back stabbed us or some other reason. Their name will be on the Hit List.

If you like or don't like something on page or you want to make some changes please write me an e-mail.

If you like clan and want to join, do it now.

Some Link can be useful.

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