1. 1. If you are in clan you cannot be in another clan. If you are you will be kicked out.
  3. 2. You have to have an e-mail address and an AIM name so we can reach you.
  5. 3. At least you have to be online 3 times a week. If you go out somewhere and you are not able to come to clan for a while let me know at least before a week. If we don’t know anything about you for three weeks you automatically will be kicked out from clan.
  7. 4. In friendly games you always have to ally with your enemy. Except if the rules said “not ally at end”.
  9. 5.You can’t play those kinds of games where you already know that you’re going to win.
  11. 6.Use Magic in every game. Whatever what kind but at use one at least in every game.

          7. Never backstab a clan member, not even for fun.

          8. If the enemy was a good player ally him.

I don't think that these rules are hard to keep in mind. They are needed because we have to make our clan in order and good.