April 13, 2004 Today is the day clan Patriot Pimps was born and created by FreedomEagle who also is creator of this website. Also on this day i recruited Uncle Sam and also Crisis. So hopefully I get the clan going and get us a server as well.
April 14, 2004 Today wasn't to bad of a day, Crisis recruited one of his friends who is Chaos and he is a very good player as well..
April 15, 2004 I worked on the site a lot today not as much as I wanted to because I would rather play with the clan while they are on. Myself, Crisis, and Chaos played a lot today and kicked some ass, but at times got it handed to us. Good times in the server with the human time bomb ha-ha.
April 16, 2004 Myself, crisis, and Chaos played again a lot today and kicked some major butt showing the power of PP. I tried recruiting a couple people today but the only one that I actually recruited is Little Gangsta. Very good player and looks like he is going to be a good member to the clan. Everyone Welcome Little Gangsta
April 17, 2004 Received a new member, everyone welcome The Big M to the clan that was recruited by Chaos. You have a new Corporal Chaos.
April 19, 2004 Good day for us we were kicking some butt today. Myself, Uncle Sam, Chaos, and little from ID. I also recruited Eagle7 to the clan everyone welcome new member Eagle7
April 21, 2004 Crisis, ID, eagle7, wangsta and myself all played today we were getting punked around but still putting up a fight. we have a new member and that is Retarded Wangsta. everyone "salute" to wangsta. recruited by Chaos.
April 23, 2004

This was a great day for PP, we had our first scrim against -=Colt=- Before I came in I heard that we were owning them said ID. When I came in it was 4v4 me, ID, Chaos and kamakazi3. It was in Dust 2 we were terrorist and we owned them 10-3. Than we switched sides and it was all of us than Crisis. They ended up having an extra player but clan PP accepted the challenge and we still conquered over them winning approx 8-6 and after we showed them that we can take them out with uneven teams they kicked us. Very good job team on first scrim

April 25, 2004 Clan PP has their first Sergeant and that member is the one who has show the best loyalty to the clan and has shown leader material, everyone stand up and "salute" to your new rank Sergeant Chaos.. Chaos is Ezekiel he decided to change his name because he didn't want to insult the bible so just to let everyone know Ezekiel is now Chaos. Also today we have a new member to the clan on who I recruited but gave the final word to ID. The new member is Romeo. "salute". We are now up to 10 members for clan Patriot Pimps that either will rise soon or will fall, I haven't seen Little Gangsta playing lately so if you have seen him tell him to report to either myself Chaos or ID. If he is not shown by end of week he is out of the clan. Also be prepared to represent the clan cause we should start doing a lot of scrims also. Also try to find some new talent cause we are looking for about another 5 members and trying to get a server, so if you can find a member that has a server that will be helpful.
April 26, 2004 We have a couple new members to the clan everyone salute to C_LoW and Blaz3. I recruited C_LoW and ID got Blaz3. Romeo, Blaz3, ID, Wanksta, and C_Low participated in a scrim against clan [TxM-R] I wasn't able to get in this game cause I was out doing something and ID didn't tell me until it was to late, but it looks like the clan handle themselves greatly and proudly with leader ID. I will have picture of the match put up soon.. We won 10-0 as we were terrorist on map dust2.
May 11, 2004 Nothing much has gone on lately with the clan except a couple scrims here and there that weren't that big of a deal. Chaos is your first Lieutenant so since he is highest rank he is leader when Generals aren't around. C_Low, Crisis, and Wanksta are all sergeants now cause they have proven themselves as good members and leaders and have recruited. Good job guys on going up in ranks. ID has told me "freedomeagle" that we might be merging with another clan so I will keep you posted on that.
May 17, 2004 Today myself, ID, C_Low played a lot and worked as a team. When we went to scrim against team Marvel we lost but it was dew to technical difficulties. We will and I will make sure have a rematch against them. I guess we are not merging with another clan so spots are now open for clan PP.
June 1, 2004 Not to much has been going on little scrims here and there and have been winning them. Practices also and good teamwork. Changes in ranks so make sure you check out what you are now. We are recruiting again so they have to go past either Chaos, C_low or wanksta than the final decision is FreedomEagle and ID. so we need about 5 more members they have to be able to play a good amount a week and also be dedicated and good. So lets do it guys PP's "salute"